Our Mission here at H&R Cabinets and Supply Distributors of Michigan, is to Provide an exceptional cabinetry experience that is empowered by knowledge, backed by values, and set apart by service from every level of our organization.

We think the “empowered by knowledge” aspect of our Mission Statement is a major key in the success our Architect and Interior Design clients have with THEIR clients!

H&R is quite unique in the way we approach the Architect/Design community.  We like to think of ourselves as a One-Stop-Shop for an Architect or Interior Designers cabinetry and flooring needs.  We represent a broad range of manufactures that can cover everything from Section-8 Government work and military housing to a totally custom mansion in Buckhead.

Our cabinetry designers really take the time to learn and understand what the Architect’s clients are looking for. We then take the time to truly EDUCATE the Architect on product specifications, material quality, and special design elements.

H&R helps empowers the Architect to make educated decisions when specifying cabinetry manufactures for their projects by providing an unmatched LOCAL support team.  Not only can we provide 20-20 & CAD files and specs books, but we can sit down with YOU and YOUR clients in YOUR office to help design the kitchen or Master Bath of their dreams.

If your an Architect or Interior designer looking for a complete cabinetry EXPERIENCE, look no further than the design team at H&R Cabinets and Supply.