Refer-a-Friend & Receive as Much as a $100 Gift Card*From Retailers & Restaurants

Here's how it works:
For each referral that meets the following criteria you will receive a gift card compliments of H&R Group:

       •   $100 Gift Card for referrals resulting in an installation of $2,000 or more**.
       •   $  50 Gift Card for referrals resulting in an installation between $750 to $2,000**.


Simply call us or our sales representative who you dealt with on your own project and pass your friends' information.


**$100 Gift Card for referrals resulting in an installation(s) totaling of $2,000 or more. $50 Gift Card for referrals resulting in an installation(s) totaling more than $750 and under $2,000. Recipients will choose from a selection of over 100 retailers and restaurants for redemption of their Gift Card.

The referring customer must register and provide a mailing address for participation. In order to qualify, referred customer must be a new customer to H&R Group.

No purchase necessary.

Void where prohibited by law.

Limit one $50 or $100 Gift Card per referred customer.

All Gift Cards will be mailed to the address provided upon registration.

Program subject to change or cancellation and valid only in H&R service regions within the United States.

Program open to U.S. residents over the age of 18 only.

By submitting any referral, you represent and warrant that you know the recipient and that the referral is not unwelcome, that you and the recipient reside at different addresses and that the referral is not for fraudulent or other improper purposes.

By referring any friend and accepting any Gift Card through this program, you agree to, and do hereby release H&R and its employees from any claims or damages arising from or related to any loss, use or misuse of any Gift Card or goods or services purchased with any Gift Card provided to you through this program.

If the referral is referred by multiple referrers, only the first referrer (based on H&R's database records) to place the referral will receive a Gift Card.

No automated submissions are permitted.

Allow 4-6 weeks after completion of any referral’s information for processing of referral Gift Cards.

Employees of H&R/CIC, its subsidiaries, affiliates and contractors are not permitted to participate.